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Fashion is a part of our everyday lives, whether we recognize it or not. It is an ever-growing industry with new fashion career opportunities, and a lot of schools and students are taking notice. New York, America's fashion hub, is expanding and expanding the fashion industry to other parts of the country. Celebrities and media messages are telling everyone about fashion on a daily basis. Fashion is clearly a subject of study that can affect a generation.
Clothes play a central role in our national economy, our popular culture, even our ideologies of politics and sexuality. The history of fashion in America is associated with almost every major development in American life. Fashion is a constantly growing industry, from the materials used to manufacture textiles, to the process by which our garments are made up of social values that dictate what we "should look like".
According to Harvard magazine, the early twentieth-century apparel and fashion industries were concentrated in the local metropolitan culture of New York City - indeed, a decided vibe of Manhattan. In 1913, for example, undergarment shops in New York City accounted for about two-thirds of the 70 to $ 80 million value of all undergarment production in the United States. New York City remained the center of American undergarment production during the 1950s, and is still the fashion hub of America.
With the increasing ease of travel and communication and the widespread proliferation of newspapers and magazines, the fashion trend spread much and rapidly. Now the internet and social media have rapidly spread the fashion trend. Fashion schools are offering many degrees to students to pursue exciting degrees in fashion.

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