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Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority’s (GNIDA) sewerage and sewage treatment plant (STP) department has slapped a collective fine of Rs 28 lakh on 14 builder societies (Rs 2 lakh per builder) for not conforming to the STP effluent norms as per National Green Tribunal (NGT) guidelines. 

The erring builder societies are required to submit the fine within one week, post which an additional fine of Rs 5 lakh and Rs 10 lakh will be levied.

Some of these highrise buildings include M/s Supertech Ecovillage II sector 16 B, M/s Gaur City 1 main gate sector 16 C, Panchsheel Hyanish, Ace Aspire GH-2 Tech Zone IV, Arihant Arden, Panchsheel Green, Aarcity Regency, Omkar Nest, Satrland Craft Pvt Ltd, Gaursons Promoters and Ajay Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

“After this, if these societies do not stop draining untreated water from their STPs then a fine of Rs 5 lakh will be levied, with subsequent fine of Rs 10 lakh for the third violation,” said Narendra Bhooshan, CEO, GNIDA.

As per NGT guidelines, only treated sewer water can be discharged into drain. Sewer water contains high faecal coliform and is dangerous if not treated through STPs.

However, due to high cost of operation and maintenance of STPs, none of the builders is treating the sewer water and instead dropping it directly into the drains. “Electricity, along with chlorine and polymer, is required to run the STP which is costly, hence no society/builder apartment runs a functional STP. This not only leads to groundwater contamination, but also makes water unusable for irrigation and other watering purposes,” said a source in GNIDA.

As per GNIDA terms of allotment, every society has to ensure its own functional STP. Only treated water is allowed to be drained into sewers in Greater Noida.

While most societies keep their sewage treatment plants shut because of the high cost of operations, a team from GNIDA had earlier carried out a drive and served notices to apartment buildings with non-functioning STPs. 

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