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Breast cancer is spreading in America in a big way, for which we need to be aware



Breast cancer is spreading in many more European countries, for which you need to know that taking less interest in this subject is encouraging it, which takes its terrible form, but there are four that take the lives of a million Americans every year. Are: breast, prostate, lungs and colon / rectum. It is estimated that approximately 827,000 new diagnoses for these cancer types will occur in 2014. It diagnoses about 50{538a014681daf0e27d3ff80693759328c9e1cc03f43ed088b0962c3597533771} of new cancers and about 49{538a014681daf0e27d3ff80693759328c9e1cc03f43ed088b0962c3597533771} of annual cancer deaths. Today you will learn about demographic data and statistics about breast cancer. Usually caused in the milk ducts or milk glands, breast cancer Affects thousands of women, killing about 40,000 people each year. The survival rate, along with other cancers, increases dramatically if detected early. More than 98{538a014681daf0e27d3ff80693759328c9e1cc03f43ed088b0962c3597533771} of women live for five years if treatment begins while the cancer is local. Demographics: Incidence rate by sex: 1.3 men per 100,000; 124.6 per 100,000 women Average age at first diagnosis: 61 Notable facts: African American women have the highest breast cancer mortality overall, while Asian Americans have the lowest rates. Breast cancer is also slightly more common in women of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Statistics: Annual death Raw Number: 40,000 Percentage of total cancer deaths: 6.8{538a014681daf0e27d3ff80693759328c9e1cc03f43ed088b0962c3597533771} 5-year survival rate: 89.2{538a014681daf0e27d3ff80693759328c9e1cc03f43ed088b0962c3597533771} Risk factors: Unlike skin or lung cancer, breast cancer has lower risk factors. Family history and genetics play a major role. Oral birth control, physical activity, and alcohol use have also been shown to have modest effects on the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Screening / detection: The American Cancer Society recommends that women age 40 and older undergo annual screening with mammograms. Treatment: Surgical removal is the most common treatment for breast cancer, often with radiation or chemotherapy. Research: Researchers have isolated several genes that induce a patient to breast cancer, including BRCA1 and BRCA2. Knowledge of these genes allows doctors to identify at-risk patients early in life, perform routine tests and other preventive measures.

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