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9/11 attack that shocked the entire world but Hollywood was still and still  Remained untouched.



Eighteen years ago, the world changed forever after September 11, 2001, with terrorist attacks on the United States near New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing approximately 3,000 people. Television and radio broadcast coverage on the day of the attacks was extensive, and the following morning, newspaper front pages around the world reported the previous day’s atrocities. (In the days, weeks, months and years following that dreadful day, the newspaper repos its important work in the investigation of and after Ground Zero

The Newseum has archived more than 100 newspaper pages online, describing how the world reacted to that fateful day. Today, we look at the news that changed our world – and how the world changed

The picture of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York shocked the whole world and became the most astonishing pictures of TV for many decades to come. The attack changed the world forever, but Hollywood remained ineffective. A symbol of the influence of American capital all over the world, two huge planes full of passengers crashing one by one from the two buildings of the World Trade Center, the flames of smoke, and then the rotting collapses, turning the building into rubble. , The disgrace of screaming people …Before the Al Qaeda attacks on New York on September 11, people saw such pictures in Hollywood films. Surprisingly, historical events like the Second World War and the war of Vietnam inspired Hollywood filmmakers as much as this event did not.

The whole decade is about to pass and so far only two films have been made on these attacks. Those working in Hollywood believe that the films based on September 11 did not do much at the box office. The most horrific attack on America so far created such a picture in the beginning that people felt much more interested in it. Was interested too but only two films were made. One of them is Universal’s United 93 and the other is Paramount’s Oliver Stones film World Trade Center.

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